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Any old time

August 31st, 2013

I wanted to see Helsinki as I reminisce it: a place where Sibelius & co. are having an endless debate in Kämp bar, Games of the XV Olympiad are held next July and everyone is clothed by Maija Isola. Fortunately this was only a matter of finding the right tools. I paid a visit to a small boutique specialized in fixing dated film cameras. I asked for something cheap, fun and iconic. Clerk, knowing his stuff, suggested me the Canonet G-III QL17, a quality compact 35mm rangefinder from 1972. Feeling solid like a gun with a prize tag under couple hundred bucks the deal was made.

Very fashionable

I figured it would take me a summer to shoot a roll of film but alas, I had to wait over a year until I got my Velvia developed. I don’t recall staying up awake middle of the night pondering how pictures on my memory card are going to turn out, but it’s very different with film. As the frame counter on the top of the camera slowly progressed during the year I often tried to recollect how everything was when I pressed the shutter button. Some of the frames turned out better than I imagined, while others just made me feel mediocre.

Metadata is stored by using a pen and a Moleskine

Working with restrictive medium is good for once in a while. Handwritten letters deliver different stories and emotions than IM’s and DM’s. Creativity and inconvenience¬†go hand in hand.

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